Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing

Hi I am Jack Whatley I am the new author and speaker at Forbes on the subject of recruitment marketing and recruitment strategy. In my day job I help trucking companies, private fleets and third-party logistic carriers hire and keep truck driver but probably not the way you think.  

My book Human Code of Hiring is about how to hire great truck drivers for your business without being the highest paying job or offering sign on bonuses.  

I took many of my best practices I learned hiring truck driver for other companies for the last 18 years and broke them down for this book.  

All of that experience has been broken down and distilled into the book. There are only three areas to work on. The first area is your employer brand to build credibility through positing , the second is your package your career messaging so it attracts the right people and the third how do you promote it. In the blueprint This is where it all comes together, and I show you how to execute a simple recruitment marketing plan to hire more truck drivers. 

The promise of using the human code of hiring is that you will hire more and better drivers. By using your company’s human code employer brand to position your company as the employer of choice. Using your company’s human code career message to be attractive to the people who will be a good fit in your company culture. Put into a recruitment marketing campaign So you can hire the drivers your company needs now, to grow or to replace the truck drivers your company knows it will need to replace to keep it running smoothly.  

I share in the book what has helped my company become one of the most sought-after truck drivers recruiting complies and me the # 1 recruitment strategist in the world.   

You know the argument of the human coded of hiring is that the objective is not to hire someone who has the skills and needs a job. The objective is to hire the people who will be a good fit in your company who have the skills to succeed in your company.    

Most companies already understand the value of having an employer brand in a tight labor market. And I lot of companies I work with have a good employer brand. The problem is most companies have not figured out how to integrate the employer brand into their recruiting efforts so they can hire better people and more of them. The book will show you…  

To attract top talent in the driver market, you need positioning of your employer brand. In the book you will learn how do you really define your employer brand and career message in a way that top drivers in your area say, I want to go to work there…   

The second area to focus on is how do package your career message? In recruitment marketing you need to package your employer brand and career message in a way people will want to consume it. We use text massage, e-mail, video and phone calls to package your human code employer brand and career message.    

The third is how do you promote it? You know how you promote your company as the employer of choice, the company to work for…   

I show you how to you package it and put it online. You’ll know what your career website should look like?  we cover it all in the book.    

It also teaches how do you succeed in the industry? You know, not just how to find your message and get it out there in a bigger way, but how do you really build a distinct, powerful employer brand so that people who will be a good fit in your company will want to work for you.

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